How to create an Whatsapp account

Create whatsapp: is very simple to use, you just have to write your message if you want to send it in text mode or touch the microphone to send a voice message. You can also add: images, videos and emoticons. Each and every one of the messages can be directed individually to one of your contacts or send them to a group that integrates multiple people.

Creating an Whatsapp account

create account whatsapp

-To be able to use WhatsApp the first thing you need is to download the application for that you must with the following link if you have Android.

-According to your phone android or iphone, enter the store, search and download the application. If you have apple you must with the following link .

-Run whatsApp from your mobile device, enter the relevant phone to your phone, remember to enter the area code depending on the country you are.

-When you enter the phone, a verification code will be sent through a text message, enter the code that has arrived and this way you will have successfully registered in WhatsApp.

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