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Create account whatsapp: the evolution of communication is a thing that occurs with a dizzying speed. The technological leap that we have suffered in the last 15 years has made us go from mobile phones to connect to the Internet to chat via text or audio without any inconvenience. Currently, at the time of acquiring a smart phone, one of the first applications we install is WhatsApp. This is one of the most popular applications in recent times.
WhatsApp is an instant mail application, from which you can send text messages, voice messages and share files such as photographs or videos with other users of this application. In order to have it, it must be downloaded from an app store such as Play Store, Appstore.



To be able to use WhatsApp the first thing you need is to download the application for that you must(with the following link)according to your phone android or iphone, enter the store, search and download the application.


Whatsapp is very simple to use, you just have to write your message if you want to send it in text mode or touch the microphone to send a voice message. You can also add: images, videos and emoticons. Each and every one of the messages can be directed individually to one of your contacts or send them to a group that integrates multiple people.


create account whatsapp

  • Run WhatsApp from your mobile device
  • Next, enter the relevant phone to your phone, remember to enter the area code depending on the country you are in
  • When you enter the phone, a verification code will be sent through a text message.
  • Enter the code that has arrived and this way you will have successfully registered in WhatsApp.
  • Already your account will be registered after completing certainly the preceding step, now is the moment to put your name and click on “ok”.
  • This step is optional if you want to fulfill it, you can put a personal photograph of yourself, an image or skip it if you do not want to do it at the time of registration.
  • Add different phone numbers and contacts from anywhere on the planet and start having a truly enjoyable experience that this application can give you with your new WhatsApp account.

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