How to create a Twitter account?

Create account Twitter: Social networks are already one of the most frequented places by all cybernauts. They are places where everyone gets together, publish whatever they want, share information or even tell how they’ve been on vacation or that trip they’ve made. They are a place where everyone participates and connects with each other.


This social network offers us a microblogging service through which we can make text publications, with a maximum of 140 characters, in which links can be included. These messages are known as tweets. We can also follow other users and, in turn, other users can follow our tweets, thus generating a current of communication and opinion on any published topic may become a Trending topic or topic of the moment.

Creating an account

create account twitter

– The first thing is to have an e-mail account

– In the bar of your favorite browser type

– The social network welcome screen will appear. There, look for the option Sign up on Twitter.

– It will open a form where you must write your name, your email, a password and create the username, with it other users can locate you within this social network. Fill in the data and click on the Register button.

– Twitter will ask for your phone number. You can type it in and click Next or choose Skip, if you don’t want to give this information.

– You can click the Take photo button, if your computer has a camera, or Upload photo, to choose an image that is saved on your computer so you can add it to your profile.

– If you choose the Upload photo button, a dialog box will open. There, you must search for the image on your computer. When you have found it, click Open.

– Finally, click Continue and you’re done! You are now officially on Twitter.

What do you think of Twitter? Is it a good social network?  Leave us your comments about this network that enchants millions of people in the world, don’t stay outside.

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