How to create an Twitch account

Create Twitch: was bought by Amazon in 2014, it’s like the YouTube of video games, plus it’s the most visited continuous use interface right now. After registering, Twitch gives you the opportunity to directly broadcast what you are playing, so that others can see you play.

It should be emphasized that you can enjoy the content without the need to register with the service and skip the account construction. However, to be an active participant, you require an account.

Creating a twitch account

create account twitch

-First, you will have to log in or enter the home page of the official Twitch site.

-Click on the “Register” link at the top right of your screen.

-A simple and effective way to do this is to register using your Facebook account.

-If you don’t want to link Twitch to your Facebook account, you simply need to submit the registration form with the required information (username, password, email, date of birth).

-Check the box for the CAPTCHA and then click the register link.

You may experience some problems when creating an account: Make sure you are logged in to your online Twitch account while viewing the event. If you have not logged in, it will not be constituted that you saw it and you will not receive the rewards. Some commercial blocking programs have the ability to prevent Twitch from saving your presence during a broadcast. Uninstall or disable your blocking program for a while or use another browser to make sure you receive the rewards. Neither Twitch nor Blizzard has the ability to assist with issues caused by incompatible programs or browser plug-ins.

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