How to create an Snapchat account?

Create Snapchat account: The success of the application relies on intimacy, nobody knows which people you follow and the stories you publish will only be displayed for 24 hours, nothing is persistent.

Millions of videos and images are sent by the individuals in this application, which also has the Snapcash service, which makes it easy to send money.

Nowadays it has become one of the most downloaded and used propositions, with WhatsApp or Facebook, and we have to show that it is not only free but also usable for gadgets that have both the iOS and Android.

create account snaptchat

Download the application and set up an account

To register for Snapchat you need to download the application first. You can do this from the Apple Store for the Apple mobile platform or Google Play for Android. Follow the guide on how to create a Snapchat account or create a free Snapchat account: official snapchat site

-Start Snapchat and choose the alternative to make a new account.

-Enter your name and then select Register, then “OK”.

-Next, you need to enter your date of birth.

-Create the username you want to use.

-Keep in mind that this name cannot be changed later, so be careful when selecting one.

-Define your password, which is safe and difficult to know, in order to ensure your confidentiality.

-It is best to achieve the suggested 10 letters and numbers.

-Now you have to point out your phone number and verify it as a security measure.

-If you do not want to register with a mobile phone, you can use an e-mail to choose the alternative I prefer to register with e-mail.


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