How to create an QQ account

Create QQ: is one of the most important chat application used among interns in China attached with WeChat. Several games on the network such as Chinese games that are not displayed in play store, being Chinese several of them depend on a QQ account . The purpose of this article is to register qq and enjoy all the services it provides such as instant chat, messenger, mail, online games, music, shopping, movies, voice chat.

Creating a QQ account

create account qq

– To register go to the website with this link.

-Here you have to enter your data, an alias, a password and a phone number.

-You must take into account the prefix that is displayed on the screen and replace the corresponding one if necessary.

-Enter your mobile device number and click on “Send”.

-Enter the verification code that will be sent to your phone.

-Once you have completed all the data, click on the box “Register”. Then you will see a page that displays that you registered correctly.


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