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Create account Instagram: If you are proposing to create an account in this social network, or if you already have one, you want to learn how to get the most out of it, this is your place.

What is instagram?

Instagram is a social network that does not stop growing and is a great way to make your more human side known, as well as a good way to work the personal brand.

The evolution of this social network is incredible, and although in the beginning was used more by young people, today employ people of any age, which has made it become a very popular social network and trend.

Why create an account at Instagram?


Once upon a time Facebook was the social network with the most users and the most activity. Although it continues to have a great apogee, little by little Instagram is occupying its place. Many people prefer this social network because of its many qualities.

Instagram is a network that is not only attractive for personal employment. It is also ideal for brands that want to make themselves known in order to create a large and loyal community of followers. The simplicity of creating an Instagram account and the speed of uploading content are two of the reasons that make it the Internet of choice for many.

Have you ever installed an application on your smartphone before?

create account instagram

If the answer is yes, you already have eighty percent of the work done; Instagram is equally easy to install and even simpler to create an account.

As a first step, just in case you want to call it this way, before starting to open a new profile, we must download and also install in our mobile device the official Application.

So, although we can also use it from a PC or Mac, it is a social network that is mostly used by mobile phones.

Downloading the application is as simple as procuring it in the Apple Store if you have an iPhone or an IOS device and in Google Play if you have Android in your mobile.

– Google Play

– Apple Store


You must meditate on a username that is not already used and also enter your mobile number or e-mail, the name you want to appear in your profile and a password.

When you type your name, you will add a suggestion of user name, you can select that if you like, hit the arrow that will appear at the end of the same field to produce a new suggestion of user name or move it to the one you prefer.

The next step will be to add a profile image. You can do it now or later.

Once you have uploaded it or skipped this step, you will be given the option to connect to your Facebook profile. This alternative allows you to share exactly the same image that you upload on Instagram on your Facebook profile in unison.

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