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Sign up yahoo: there are currently many ways to create an e mail. Anyone can create a new account thanks to Microsoft or Google, which are the big names that anyone can meditate on when chatting about technology and computer systems; however, Yahoo should not be overlooked. The most reputable on-line search engine has also been offering a well-known and efficient e-mail service for years, Yahoo E mail, and for many it is a primordial proposal instead of an alternative option.

Opening an email account at Yahoo! also allows you to use Yahoo! Messenger to chat and dialogue with your friends, how to access the sets and, what is most essential for us, use Flickr to upload and share your photos with the entire planet.

Also, your mail offers you the possibility of reading the current news, published in the most important press, and make a direct search in the network without first accessing a search engine.

Another application that your account leaves you is to access the Yahoo social network, and create your profile to share your news with all your contacts. You can do it at MiY!

In addition to this, if you have a new generation mobile, you can simply access your email account through the application Go to Yahoo! mobile, which sends your mobile a link so that you can access your email account directly and carry it always and in all circumstances with you.


create yahoo

  1. Enter the platform

From the initial platform of Yahoo! we can start the procedure, in the upper right click on the box “Enter” to go walking.

  1. Start Registering

At this point we will begin to register by looking for the lower option “Register” and click on it to enter

  1. Enter your data

The platform will ask you to fill in data such as your name and surname, apart from the user email that you will use, the password that you must remember always and at all times. Also, it will be precise your number and date of birth, click on “continue” at the end.

  1. Contrast your number

You need to check your number to confirm that the account you want to create belongs to you, click to “receive the key in the form of a text message”.

  1. Enter the digits

Enter in the appropriate box the digits that were sent in the form of a text message to your phone and click on “verify”.

  1. Your account was registered

By performing each and every one of the procedures, the platform will welcome you and confirm that your new account has been registered, click on “continue” to start using the Yahoo! services.

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