How to create an Hotmail account

Create Hotmail: Is one of the most widely used and free communication tools we have at our fingertips today. It was created by Microsoft in nineteen ninety-six and today has come to be called Outlook, its simplicity and simplicity of use have made it the preferred choice of many browsers when using it as their primary email service.


create account hotmail

Hotmail is a free, fast and secure email service. It practically never fails and has interesting features such as an anti-spam system and an antivirus. In addition to this, it integrates protection against phishing attacks to avoid falling into the traps of cybercriminals. To create a Hotmail e-mail, you only need to set up a Microsoft account. This will let you log in to each and every service offered by Microsoft such as Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live and OneDrive.

-The first thing you have to do is go to the next address Hotmail and access the link that says “Get a new email address” in order to enable the new email form.

-Thing you’re going to do is choose your email address. Outlook lets you select between, or For example, it could be Verify that it’s not already used by someone else, and choose whether you want;; (in some cases), or

-Now, point by point the system will ask you for a series of data such as your name, surname, address, etc. Fill in the entire form.

-Finally, create a password. Remember that it is safe. Use numbers, letters and characters for this. Once chosen, choose a reset alternative in case you ever forget it and you already have your new Hotmail account created. Enjoy.

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