How to create a Gmail account?

Create Gmail: E- mail is no longer a pure digital correspondence considerably faster and more capable than traditional mail, it is now also a sort of identification in the network of networks.

Any place where a service or product is offered requires the user to register beforehand, and one of the essential data for this registration process is, exactly, to enter an email address that becomes the “identifier” of the person in question.


Registering an email account in Gmail at no cost is quite simple, and in addition to this facilitates access to many other services. Google has multiple tools and systems in the cloud that offer all kinds of auxiliary functions quite useful, so signing up in Gmail is to open the door to considerably more possibilities.



crete account gmail

The first thing we must do to access your page without having to remember particular links and so on, is to go directly to the Google web search engine and top right, click on the GMail option. Go to site Gmail. Once there click below on the text “Create an account” and fill in the fields requested. The ones that are:

– Name and surname.

– User name. Google will make sure that the user name is not chosen and will give it to you, if it is not busy, with the format “”.

– Password. A minimum of eight characters. You should not show this password to anyone unless you want them to enter your account. You will be asked to enter a number, capital letters or characters.

– Confirm password. We must reiterate the password that we have put in the previous section.

– Date of birth.

– Sex.

– Mobile phone. It is a requirement to offer greater security in our accounts and avoid impersonation. In Spain this step is mandatory, although not in each and every one of the countries, if you want to know more I invite you to read the conditions of use of Gmail.

– Current email address. If we have an account and we want to associate it. You can leave this field empty.

– Show us that you’re not a robot. Step to verify that you are human and not a program that takes charge of creating email accounts. This verification can be deleted and done by phone.

– Location. Country of residence

Now all you have to do is read and agree to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by checking the available box.

With each and every one of the data of the filled form we will click on the button “Next step”.

Once the registration is finished and as always and in all circumstances, remember to write down the access data (user name and password) so as not to forget them.

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