How to create an QQ account

Create QQ: is one of the most important chat application used among interns in China attached with WeChat. Several games on the network such as Chinese games that are not displayed in play store, being Chinese several of them depend on a QQ account . The purpose of this article is to register qq and […]

How to create an Twitch account

Create Twitch: was bought by Amazon in 2014, it’s like the YouTube of video games, plus it’s the most visited continuous use interface right now. After registering, Twitch gives you the opportunity to directly broadcast what you are playing, so that others can see you play. It should be emphasized that you can enjoy the […]

How to create an Snapchat account?

Create Snapchat account: The success of the application relies on intimacy, nobody knows which people you follow and the stories you publish will only be displayed for 24 hours, nothing is persistent. Millions of videos and images are sent by the individuals in this application, which also has the Snapcash service, which makes it easy […]

How to create an Sony PlayStation Network account

Create sony: We’re going to show you how to set up an exclusive user account on PlayStation 4, so you can communicate with other people without worrying about their games interfering with your achievements. Thus, each individual who is going to use the PS4 will be able to have a different user so that nobody intervenes […]

How to create an Amazon account

Create Amazon account: do you want to register on Amazon and have no idea where to start?  Amazon it’s cunning market, tripling the sales of Aliexpress, which is the second largest. Among its primary assets are extensive product sampling, customer service, and shipping time and costs, which are currently more attractive if you are an […]